Available at both Melbourne & Cranbourne Gardens

Minibeasts (F–6)

Get close to the myriad of mini creatures that make up the majority of the animal kingdom.

Students will learn about the functions of a worm farm and through observation and exploration, will discover the abundance of insects that can be found in gardens and learn why they are crucial for keeping our planet healthy.

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Melbourne & Cranbourne Gardens

Year Level

Foundation to Year 6

Students will

  • Identify and compare different insect habitats
  • Discover why plants attract and repel little creatures
  • Investigate pond aquatic invertebrates (Cranbourne Gardens)
  • Make potpourri to take home (Melbourne Gardens)

Key focuses

  • Insect life cycles
  • Relationship between plants and insects and how invertebrates help gardens to grow
  • Minibeast observations in different habitats and their connection to the plant world

Links to Victorian Curriculum

  • Level F-2 Science and Ethical Capability
  • Level 3-4 Science and Geography
  • Level 5-6 Science

Available Times

Morning: 10.15am - 11:45am (1.5 hours)

Afternoon: 12.45pm - 2.15pm (1.5 hours)

Program Cost

$13.50 per student

Meeting Point

Education entrance, Observatory House at Melbourne Gardens


Meet at the Visitors Centre at Cranbourne Gardens

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