Muelleria 32

Muelleria – Vol. 32 (2014)

Muelleria Volume 32 was first published as hard copy on 14 May 2014 and subsequently made available online.

Cover and front matter (PDF - 605 kB)

Contributed papers

A new herbaceous species of Pluchea (Asteraceae: Plucheinae) from central Australia (PDF - 612 kB)

D.E. Albrecht and A.R. Bean

pp. 3–7

Studies of the distribution and taxonomy of Xanthorrhoea glauca subsp. angustifolia (Xanthorrhoeaceae) in Victoria (PDF - 497 kB)

M.P. Bellette

pp. 8–15 

(see also Muelleria Vol. 33, p. 113: Correction to the ‘Key to Xanthorrhoea in Victoria’ in Bellette (2014), Muelleria 32, pp. 8–15)

A revision of the Coronidium scorpioides (Asteraceae: Gnaphalieae) complex (PDF - 4.56 MB)

N. Walsh

pp. 16–33

Notes on Olearia (Asteraceae: Astereae) in south-east Australia: O. tenuifoliaO. adenophora and description of a new species endemic to eastern Victoria (PDF - 1 MB)

N. Walsh

pp. 34–38

(see also Muelleria Vol. 33, p. 115: Correction to synonymy of Olearia tenuifolia in Walsh (2014), Muelleria 32, pp. 34–38)

The weed that was not: Picris hieracioides (Asteraceae) in Australia (PDF - 2.18 MB)

L. Gillbank

pp. 39–51

Rubus costifolius and R. bergii in the National Herbarium of Victoria (PDF - 3.52 MB)

A. van de Beek

pp. 52–57

Hidden treasures: Brazilian plants collected by Prince Maximilian zu Wied held in the National Herbarium of Victoria (MEL) (PDF - 738 kB)

C.L. Gallagher and P.L.R. de Moraes

pp. 58–71

‘A taste for botanic science’: Ferdinand Mueller’s female collectors and the history of Australian botany (PDF - 1.06 MB)

S. Maroske

pp. 72–91

Ferdinand Mueller’s female plant collectors: a biographical register (PDF - 2.23 MB)

S. Maroske and A. Vaughan

pp. 92–172

Book review

Review of Collecting ladies: Ferdinand von Mueller and women botanical artists by Penny Olsen (PDF - 307 kB)

J.R. Thurlow

pp. 173–174