Muelleria 25

Muelleria – Vol. 25 (2007)

Muelleria Volume 25 was first published as hard copy on 22 May 2007 and subsequently made available online.

Contributed papers

The lichen genus Umbilicaria Hoffm. in Tasmania (PDF – 676 kB)

G. Kantvilas and S. Louwhoff

pp. 3–20

A taxonomic treatment of tribe Anthemideae (Asteraceae) in Australia (PDF – 454 kB)

I.R. Thompson

pp. 21–58

A taxonomic treatment of tribe Lactuceae (Asteraceae) in Australia (PDF – 469 kB)

I.R. Thompson

pp. 59–100         

A revision of Eriochlamys (Asteraceae, Gnaphalieae) (PDF – 1.81 MB)

N.G. Walsh

pp. 101–114       

Additions to Epacris (Epacridoidae, Ericaceae) in Tasmania (PDF – 1.97 MB)

R.K. Crowden

pp. 115–128

A new subspecies of Pomaderris (Rhamnaceae) from south-eastern Tasmania (PDF – 926 kB)

A.M. Gray

pp. 129–133


EUCLID: Eucalypts of Australia 3rd edition (PDF – 346 kB)

F. Udovicic

pp. 134–136