Young Botanists

Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series

Young Botanists

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria is a proud partner of the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series which provides opportunities for high-ability Victorian Government school students to participate in the innovative Young Botanists Program.

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Young Botanist Art Series | Foundation – Year 2

This early years program immerses students in the world of Art and Science through creative expression.

Government school students will interact with specialist scientists such as mycologists, botanists, ecologists, and ornithologists learning and exploring all things science!

Students will also partake in hands on art activities run by passionate artists to help them makes sense of their new learnings.

The program runs from 10.30am-12.30pm. Students must be accompanied by a teacher.

The program is coordinated by experienced Learning Facilitators.

Program Availability:

  • This program is available in-person at our Botanic Gardens in Melbourne.
  • Choose from the set dates outlined.
  • This program is for high-ability students (Foundation – 2).

Students will:

  • Have the opportunity to interact with expert artists and scientists.
  • Engage with the natural collections of the Botanic Gardens.
  • Use their senses for exploration and discovery.
  • Consolidate their learnings through open-ended art activities.

Key focuses:

  • Hands on experiential learning.
  • Scientific observation and exploration.
  • Creative and expressive arts.

Program Outline

Term 1: Tuesday March 19 10.30am - 12pm & 1pm – 2.30pm

Mycology with Camille

Engage your students in the fascinating world of Fungi through Art and Science based experiences at the Royal Botanic Gardens. Meet Mycologist Camille Truong, hear her stories and meet her wild collection of Fungi. Children will be inspired by all things mycology. They will be invited to express their new learnings through creative art practices with the guidance of an experienced Artist.

Term 2: Tuesday June 4 10.30am - 12.30pm

Winter Seeds

Inspire your students through the wonderful world of Seeds through Art and Science based experiences. Spend time with a Botanist from our very own Herbarium. Learn about the special collections and our giant seed bank! Children will learn about all types of seeds and their superpowers. They will be invited to express their new learnings through creative art practices with the guidance of experienced artist Claire Mosley as they create a seed inspired artwork to take home.

Term 3: Tuesday August 27 10.30am – 12.30pm


Meet the wonderful array of bird life at the Royal Botanic Gardens alongside an Ornithologist. Watch cormorants dive, cockatoos fly and wrens fluttering about in the garden habitat. Students will slow down, observe and learn about our feathered friends, their habitats, calls and patterns. They will be invited to express their learnings with bird lover and artist Sofia Sabbagh through creative practices.

Term 4: Tuesday November 26

Details coming soon


This FREE program is funded by Department of Education's Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series. Eligible schools may apply for additional funding for transportation and CRTs via DET.