Climate Change Alliance of Botanic Gardens Workshop

On the 25th of February the Climate Change Alliance of Botanic Gardens ran two workshops to introduce members to and seek feedback about the Climate Risk Assessment Tool, a flagship initiative of the Alliance.  

The purpose of the Climate Risk Assessment Tool is to provide tailored information to support decision-making regarding the protection and management of living collections with a current focus on long-lived assets – such as trees..  

By selecting a species or uploading taxa lists, the user is able to gauge the potential for these plants to perform under future climate conditions. The Tool compares species occurrences in other geographical locations under different climatic conditions. These queries are able to be customised to the user’s specific botanic garden, and the Tool applies two different emissions models as outlined in the IPCC.  

This enables botanic gardens to safeguard their living collections and bolster the resilience of their landscapes with proactive decision making and management strategies. The Tool can also be used for informing plant selection, the development of new living plant collections, and support plant conservation programs that network the curation of threatened species in different locations i.e., metacollections.  

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Workshop Agenda 

00:00 – Introductions: Clare Hart, Manager of Horticulture, RBGV Melbourne; Paul Smith, CEO BGCI; Peter Symes, Curator Horticulture, RBGV Melbourne; Dr David Kendall, University of Tasmania. 

12:03 – Climate Change Risk Assessment Presentation, Dr David Kendall 

25:55 – Climate Change Risk Assessment Tool Demonstration, Dr David Kendall 

31:40 – Questions & Answers