Lifestyle Garden

The main theme of the Lifestyle Garden is extending the living space of the home into the garden, creating an outdoor living room to maximise family interaction. The striking structure at the top of the stairs provides both a retreat from the sun and a play space for kids. Entering from the lower section you are greeted with sculptural black ‘clogs’ which act both as a container for seasonal floral displays and a place to rest. 

Lookout for:

  • Displays of familiar and approachable cultivars from southeastern Australia that can be found in your local nursery.
  • Several different pruning techniques (both square and sphere Lilly Pillys).
  • Distinct textures - foliage, flower types, shapes, and sizes, are evident throughout the garden. Most notable is the combination of the vertical blue-purple Dianella prunina 'DP303' foliage with the Zieria prostrata weaving through at ground level.

Key Plants

Blue Mountain Rambler (grafted standard)

Grevillea laurifolia

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Pycnosorus globosus

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Headland Zieria

Zieria prostrata

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Allyn Magic

Syzygium smithii 

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Blue Mountain Rambler (grafted standard)

<em>Grevillea laurifolia</em>

Ungrafted this grevillea would only reach 10cm in height and spread up to 3m. This grafting technique allows the plant to be brilliantly displayed and admired from above.

Notes from the Curator

Caitlin Gray

The intent of Lifestyle Garden is to provide inspiration for the contemporary home garden. As property sizes shrink in the suburbs so do our green spaces — this garden provides ideas and concepts to help create ‘green rooms’ and make a smaller garden feel inviting and exciting. The beds within the Lifestyle Garden are essentially many large planter boxes in various shapes and sizes. Through a clever and simple planting design, with an emphasis on the selection of low-maintenance, drought tolerant species that provide year-round interest, the garden feels modern, practical and achievable.