Cranbourne Bushland

The Conservation Zone at Cranbourne Gardens

Immerse yourself in the remnant landscape.

Visitors will enjoy over 10km of walking tracks, six kilometres of cycling tracks, a lookout tower, picturesque shelters, barbecues and playgrounds.

The Cranbourne Bushland is a precious remnant of the vegetation that once covered the broader region and is actively managed to control the number of non-indigenous plants and exotic weeds. Over 450 indigenous plant species are spread over 340 hectares, creating a mosaic of over 10 interconnected ecological vegetation classes (EVC's).

In an increasingly denser urban landscape, the site is also an essential refuge for wildlife. Over 215 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs make their habitat within the Cranbourne Bushland, including the endangered Southern Brown Bandicoot.

Try our new digital Interactive Map of the Cranbourne Bushland or download the PDF version.