Climate Ready Rose Collection

The Climate Ready Rose Collection is a living demonstration of the impact of climate change, with the Millennium Drought forcing the reframing of the existing Species Rose Collection. Some 5,000 years of rose cultivation has gifted us with countless rose varieties, and this Collection now focuses on those which may tolerate future climate change. The Collection, situated near Eastern Gate (formerly B Gate) includes specimens and cultivars which survived the drought to bloom and delight to this day.

The Collection is important to support the display of climate-appropriate species and cultivars.

Key Plants

Rosa mutabilis

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Rosa 'Crepescule'

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R. sericea subsp. omeiensis ‘Atrosanguinea’

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R. x odorata ‘Viridiflora'

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<em>Rosa mutabilis</em>

A large, arching rose from China. When in flower it is covered in open, five petalled blooms that change colour from pink to orange, and finally result in a soft yellow creating a beautiful display of varying coloured flowers on the one shrub.

Notes from the Curator

The Climate Ready Rose Collection is a display of species roses that mostly originate from China, Europe, North America, the Middle East and Australia. This Collection aims to inspire visitors to select rose species that are climate suited to Melbourne rather than selecting roses based on their floral characteristics.

Selecting climate resilient species can reduce the need for fungicides and can in turn lead to healthier plants. Species roses require a different pruning schedule to conventional roses as flowering is followed by an ornamental display of hips that are unique to each plant.