Australian Rare and Threatened Species

Formerly known as the Victorian Rare and Threatened Collection, the Australian Rare and Threatened Species Collection is situated in the island beds in the Central Lawn and scattered throughout the suitable microclimates of the wider Gardens. Collecting trips and collaborations with similar organisations continue to add to this ever growing category.

This Collection is vitally important to conserve Australia’s incredible native flora, especially as climate change brings more species under threat, and offers visitors a glimpse of what we stand to lose.

Other areas to view Rare and Threatened plants are the Eucalyptus robusta bed and Xanthorrhoea bed on the Eastern lawn, Conifer border, Australian Forest Walk, Fern Gully and Herbarium bed. 

Key Plants

Eucalyptus saxatilis

Suggan Buggan mallee or Mount Wheeler mallee

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Banksia saxicola

Rock banksia or Grampians banksia

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Acacia glandulicarpa

Hairy-pod Wattle

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Olearia astroloba

Marble Daisy Bush

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Westringia cremnophila

Snowy River westringia

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<em>Eucalyptus saxatilis</em>

Suggan Buggan mallee or Mount Wheeler mallee

A beautiful small tree from dry and rocky parts of East Gippsland, it puts forth multiple white stems from a lignotuber. This species currently has a vulnerable status for Victoria.

Notes from the Curator

The Australian Rare and Threatened Collection goes to the very core of a botanic garden; conservation, research, education and inspiration.

It was established in 2007 and collecting field trips with botanists from Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria's National Herbarium of Victoria has provided many important new plant introductions and much inspiration.

I am continually impressed by the diversity and beauty of Victoria's and Australia's rare plants and hope you are too.