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Bush Foods

Available at the Cranbourne Gardens

Bush Foods (7–10)

Join us for a journey through the Australian Garden to discover a variety of indigenous bush foods.

Students will learn Aboriginal knowledge of agricultural systems and food-related tools. They will become familiar with regional food plants and discover how land is managed for food production, harvesting and preparation.

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Cranbourne Gardens

Year Level

Year 7 to Year 10

Students will

  • Learn about Aboriginal tools and edible plants
  • Have a go grinding  wattle seed
  • Sample lemon myrtle tea

Key focuses

  • Discover bush tucker
  • Aboriginal tools
  • Preparation of Indigenous foods

Curriculum Links

  • Level 7-10 Geography and Design and Technologies

Available Times

Morning: 10.15am - 11:45am (1.5 hours) Afternoon: 12.45pm - 2.15pm (1.5 hours)

Program Cost

$13.50 per student

Meeting Point

Education entrance, Observatory House

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