Sustainable Gardening

Available at both Melbourne & Cranbourne Gardens

Develop the basic skills of good gardening practice.

Through a hands-on experience, students will learn about water conservation, organic gardening, composting and worm farming. While exploring the Children’s Garden and the wider botanic gardens, students will consider ideas for designing and developing their own garden.

Students will

  • Observe organic and sustainable gardening methods in action
  • Participate in some real work in the garden
  • Learn more about worms and their role in the nutrient cycle
  • Pot their own plant to take home (Cranbourne Gardens)

Key focuses

  • Organic gardening methods and sustainable practices 
  • The benefits of gardening for us and our community
  • Hands-on learning and sharing ideas

Curriculum Links

  • Level F-2 Science and Design and Technologies
  • Level 3-4 Health and Physical Education, Design and Technologies and Science
  • Level 5-6 Design and Technologies, Science and Geography