Herbarium Collectors

Our task is to find, photograph and collect plant specimens at each stage of their development in the RBG Cranbourne, while ensuring relevant details - such as their locations, appearance, substrate they are found on, and habitat - are recorded. These specimens are then dried and mounted for herbarium collections at the RBGC, and the National Herbarium at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. Anyone who is keen to participate in this very important and interesting activity is welcome to join the group. Contact herbarium@rbgfriendscranbourne.org.au, Nola Foster on 9583 5731 or Linda Moon on 5996 9759 for further information.

When we meet

The press gang meets on the 1st Monday of the month from 10am to 3pm and on the second Sunday of some months (from 9am to 12pm) at the Maud Gibson Room (which is near the RBG Cranbourne Office).


The Press Gang continues to work at a steady pace, collecting, recording, preserving and storing. We are looking forward to our new designated location in a few months, as this will give us full-time access to a work area.

We are changing our name—we are tired of being asked if we are involved in ‘publicity’, or if we press flower petals to make gift cards, and we want something which reflects more accurately what we do. There has been warm agreement to the proposed name change to Herbarium Collectors, so that is it! We are now Herbarium Collectors.

The last quarter was slow on plant collecting, due to some of our key members being away at different times, a fire ban day, and one day when we were without a photographer. Thanks to the help of Robin Allison, one of our dedicated photographers, we may now have a new photographer in our group, bringing the number back up to three. More news in the next report. But meanwhile, we will all be on our best behaviour and most welcoming to this vitally important new member to the group.