Herbarium collectors

Our task is to find, photograph and collect plant specimens at each stage of their development in the RBG Cranbourne, while ensuring relevant details - such as their locations, appearance, substrate they are found on, and habitat - are recorded. These specimens are then dried and mounted for herbarium collections at the RBGC, and the National Herbarium at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. 

Anyone who is keen to participate in this very important and interesting activity is welcome to join the group. For further information contact: 

E: herbarium@rbgfriendscranbourne.org.au 

Nola Foster

T: (03) 9583 5731

When we meet

The Herbarium Collectors meet on the 1st Monday of the month from 10am to 3pm and on the second Sunday of some months (from 9am to 12pm) at the Maud Gibson Room (which is near the RBG Cranbourne Office).


Since October we have been out in the field adding to the collection—twelve species in all, six in flower, the rest in seed. Special thanks to our sleuth, Dawn Neylan, for her reconnaissance work each month.

On 5 January we welcomed Ivan Margitta to our photography/computer group, which is now back to three. On that day, we had planned to collect Laxmannia orientalis in seed, but the extreme heat and north wind two days earlier had blown it all away. Ah well, we will try again next year.

The January collection day was also our annual potluck Christmas lunch. This year Alex Smart was our very honoured Guest of Honour. Alex has been our major supporter over these 13 years, always coming to the rescue when we had either lost our accommodation or the space we were using proved very restrictive for our work. After our first digs in the ARCUE building, he acquired accommodation for us in the Eucalyptus Room, and subsequently in the Maud Gibson Room. Recently he was again working hard on our behalf, as we were to lose the use of the Maud Gibson Room. Chris Russell, however, has stepped in, and we are to have part of the old staff building with a dedicated space to ourselves.