Press gang

Our task is to find, photograph and collect plant specimens at each stage of their development in the RBG Cranbourne, while ensuring relevant details - such as their locations, appearance, substrate they are found on, and habitat - are recorded. These specimens are then dried and mounted for herbarium collections at the RBGC, and the National Herbarium at the Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne. Anyone who is keen to participate in this very important and interesting activity is welcome to join the group. Contact Nola Foster on 9583 5731 or Linda Moon on 5996 9759 for further information.


The press gang meets on the 1st Monday of the month from 10am to 3pm and on the second Sunday of some months (from 9am to 12pm) at the Maud Gibson Room (which is near the RBG Cranbourne Office).


The Press Gang continues to work at a steady pace, collecting, recording, preserving and storing. We are looking forward to our new designated location in a few months, as this will give us full-time access to a work area.

The members of the Press Gang are requesting a name change—we are tired of being asked if we are involved in ‘publicity’, or if we press flower petals to make gift cards. The current choice for a new title is 'Herbarium Collectors', but we are open to suggestions.

We have just very regretfully said ‘au revoir’ to one of our wonderful photographers, George Wardrop. George has been with us since the first collection day in November 2001. A man of great talent, George, along with Robin Allison and Dan Lindsten, is responsible for all the photos in our database. He has also taken the photo accompanying our Naturelink report each issue. George has retired, but we hope he will visit from time to time. We will miss his grand ideas, great wit and quotes from Shakespeare, as well as his wonderful photographs.

Thus we are on the quest for another photographer to join our group.

Requirements: come on our bushwalk/plant hunt each month, be skilled in taking excellent close-up photos of plants, often from difficult angles, and working alongside Robin and Dan to help to transfer the selected photos to our computer database.