Friends in Focus

In the Friends In Focus group we get together to have fun and learn about photography, take photos and enhance and practise our skills in a friendly, social and non-judgmental environment. We range from ‘snappers’ to serious photographers. 

What type of pictures might we take? Landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, clouds, stars, plants, seeds, insects, spider webs, birds, and things that slither, hop or swim—and of course, people. There is no end to the possibilities.

Come and join us and then offer your photographs of RBG Cranbourne for inclusion on the Friend’s Facebook and Twitter sites.


Friends In Focus has held monthly meetings since July. Following a successful application for equipment funding to the City of Casey, we now have a computer, data projector and electronic screen, which is available to the Friends generally.

Following advertising on the Friends’ website, in Naturelink and QuickLink there was an initial show of interest from eighteen people, coming both from within the Friends and from the general public; while not all have committed to attending meetings, the Friends have gained some new memberships from commencing this activity.

Our starting times vary with daylight saving to give the best lighting conditions for taking photographs.

Keep the 2nd Saturday of the month free!

2.00pm during Eastern Standard Time
9.30am during Daylight Saving 

For information about the group please contact:

James McKee

T: (03) 9707 2624 or (04) 1110 2107