Application FAQ

The following information is intended to help applicants with the recruitment process at the Royal Botanic Gardens.


Where are Royal Botanic Gardens job vacancies advertised?

Job vacancies are advertised on the RBG website on the Job Opportunities page and on the Victorian Government Careers website. Job vacancies may also be advertised in The Age newspaper, the MyCareer website, or environmental and scientific websites or journals.

What is the recruitment process?

All applications are reviewed. Applicants who most closely meet the key selection criteria will be shortlisted for a first interview. Applicants who most closely meet the key selection criteria in the first interview will then be shortlisted for a panel interview. Reference checking will be undertaken following the panel interview. If reference checks prove satisfactory, a job offer will be made to the successful applicant. Pre-employment checks may also be required, depending on the requirements of the position.


Do I need to be an Australian citizen to be eligible to apply for a position at the RBG?

All applicants for ongoing positions, either full-time or part-time, must be an Australian citizen or have permanent residency status. Generally, applicants for fixed-task, fixed-term or casual positions do not need to be an Australian citizen or hold permanent residency status; however, they must have a valid work visa with an appropriate duration.

Does the Royal Botanic Gardens maintain a register of resumes?

No. The Royal Botanic Gardens does not maintain a register of resumes. Please refer to the Job Opportunities page for details of all vacancies and apply for any current vacancies that interest you.

What are key selection criteria?

Key selection criteria are the criteria against which suitability for a position will be assessed.

Do I need to address all key selection criteria?

Yes. You must address all key selection criteria in relation to the advertised vacancy and as outlined in the position description.

Will my application be acknowledged?

Yes. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your application.


Will I be notified if I have an interview?

In line with common business practice, you will not be notified unless your application has resulted in you being shortlisted for an interview.

When will I know if I have an interview?

Generally, you will be advised if you have an interview within two weeks of the closing date for applications.

Pre-employment Checks

Will I need to undergo a 'Pre-employment Check' at the RBG?

Pre-employment checks are mandatory for some positions at the RBG for various reasons. These checks may include: Pre-employment Medical Screening, Police Records Check or Working with Children Check (WWC Check).

Will I need to undergo 'Pre-employment Medical Screening' at the RBG?

Successful candidates for Horticultural or Infrastructure roles will be requested to undergo 'Pre-employment Medical Screening' to identify the reasonable adjustments that are required in order to perform the inherent requirements of the role.

Will I need to undergo a ‘Police Records Check’ at the RBG?

Successful candidates for positions at the RBG that have been identified as likely to handle cash or otherwise have access to RBG funds may be required to undergo a 'Police Records Check'.

Will I need to undergo a 'Working with Children Check' at the RBG?

Successful candidates for positions that have been identified to be engaged in “child related work” will need to undergo a 'Working with Children Check'.

Reference Checks

How many reference checks does the RBG conduct?

The RBG will conduct a minimum of two professional reference checks.

Who can be a referee?

The RBG prefers professional referees who have been a manager or supervisor of the applicant within the last three years.